The secret of a real Italian Espresso coffee?
It's all in the Pull. Become a la Pavoni barista and learn the secrets to mastering your own perfect espresso coffee.
La Pavoni PUB 1V-B
Commercial 1 Group
Direct water line, up to 200 drinks per day, espresso, steamer, hot water tap
Limited time while supplies last
The Diamante Line
La Pavoni re-introduces the 1955 Concorso Masterpiece. DIA-2L-R
Diamante 2-Group Lever Special
Now only $6699.00 Includes free commercial ZIP-R GRINDER
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Model PB-16  $1399.00
Stunning copper/brass 16 cup with pressure gauge. Includes free freight. Includes gift with purchase of stainless steel coffee tamper (#362) Limited Time!
What’s old is now new! 
Decades old stove-tops transformed into an instant modern classic.
3 bold colors and sizes. Made in Italy.
Available now.