La Pavoni, 2 High Groups, PID 4370W / 230V
Catalog Number: CREM-2BL
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La Pavoni "Cremosa" commercial Volumetric espresso machine

La Pavoni Commercial Volumetric espresso / cappuccino machine. Model CREM-2BL. High-group commercial machine. Easily fits a 16 ounce cup under the group. Allows for many different serving varaiations. Beautifully hand-crafted in Milan Italy. Features a PID digital pad to easily raise or lower the boiler temperature, this allows you to fine tune your machine in any given enviroment.   2 coffee groups, 2 steam wands,1 hot water tap, Pre-infusion. Water auto-fill system. Dual pressure gauge.Warming tray.  Large 22.5 liter boiler. Direct water feed. 5340W/230V Makes up to 650 drinks per day. Silver side panels. Installation kit. Includes 8 liter water softener. 36x22x24 tall. ETL & CSA Certified. 12 month parts warranty. Nationwide Installtion available, (additional charge)

Commercial, restaurant, espresso, cappuccino, lever
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