la Pavoni Story

La Pavoni was founded in 1905 by Mr. Eugenio Pavoni in Milan, Italy. la Pavoni was one of the first producers of commercial coffee equipment in the World. Their first home model, the Europiccola, was developed in 1968 and introduced at the San Francisco Houseware Show in 1971 where it won best new product. In 1975 a larger model called Professional was introduced.  These were the first  lever home models producing single shots marketed in Europe and the U.S.

Europiccola – 1968 to Present

  • 8 cup, 20 oz. capacity, 8 drinks per boiler capacity.
  • Available in black, chrome, copper or brass bases. 

Professional – 1975 to Present

  • 16 cup, 32 oz. capacity, 16 drinks per boiler capacity.
  • Available in black, chrome, copper or brass bases. 

Stradivari models - 2004 to present

  • Introduced as 100-year anniversary models. Designed by Carlo Gallizi, based on the iconic Stradivari violin.
  • Same capacities and internals as the Europiccola & Professional with new design features.
  • Chrome bases with integrated power button.
  • Redesigned coffee groups, lever arm and steam shaft.
la Pavoni Lever Changes
From 2000 to 2001 la Pavoni began reengineering the original 1968 lever design in order to
improve the quality and durability of their machines.

The changes have resulted in excellent, consistent coffee from the through the last pull.
  • The group was redesigned from 48 mm to 52 mm diameter in order to increase water flow.
  • Larger portafilter coffee handles and coffee baskets, both 52 mm.
  • The addition of a spiral baffle inside the group now cools the water down before exiting the group.
  • The addition of a pressurstat control which is now incorporated in both the Europiccola and Professional models.
  • Newer more sophisticated pressure release valve replace older spring/ball system.
  • New power switch is now controlled through the pressurstat, eliminating the need for customer to switch between high and low settings.
  • Single coil stainless steel elements replace the older copper style which ran hotter.

Machines carrying these changes are tagged with a large silver MILLENNIUM sticker located under the machine.

A new 7-part demonstration video is also available. It can be accessed on You tube, enter:
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